Ending Digital Poverty for Black Immigrant Women in Liverpool

Women and Digital Inclusion - WODIN

Promotes the welfare of the BME - Black Immigrant women in Liverpool, Merseyside UK. Through Training programs, mentorship and support, which empowers them to realize their full potential so they can flourish at home, in the workplace and/or in their enterprise. We engage them in productive activities, provide opportunities, and events to help them become self-sustaining.

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We Bridge the Digital Skills Gap between Black Immigrant/African Women in Liverpool and the rest of the population. We are here to give BME women and their families tools through digital skills training to be sustainable and make long-term improvements in their financial and general well-being.


What Problem is WoDin Addressing?

Liverpool has a high transient community of Black Immigrants, many asylum seekers, or simply migrants seeking a new life. Over 60% are women and single mothers, and they end up in the most deprived neighbourhoods, in less than desirable housing, poor or no access to digital resources to get connected with the community and/or family. They end up in Social Isolation and Digital poverty.

The gap grows with a lack of employment and income to meet their basic needs, including subsistent needs like food. Black women also continue to be underrepresented in the employment and enterprise space. 

WoDin hopes to change the above narrative. 

How is WoDin Addressing this problem?


WoDin has designed programs and events to contribute towards addressing the social, economic and digital gap and empower BME women to become self-sustaining individuals and be part of the conversation regarding their needs.

We aim to encourage more BME women participation through the provision of digital training workshops, plus:

  • Digital skills coaching
  • One-to-one support / Outreach
  • Media Training, counseling
  • Confidence building
  • Immigration advise and solicitor signposting
  • Welfare Checks

WoDin is Breaking Barriers.

While other organizations exist that offer welfare support, Most do so inside the 9-5 working hours window, which leaves the women without child care. So they don’t show up for the help they need.

WODIN support helps BME women realize their full potential by engaging them in productive activities, providing opportunities and events so they can become independent and self-sustaining.

Most of our services are out of hours and/or held virtually, so they don’t have to worry about child care.

Build a digital space & regular training

For Continuous Professional Development where Black Immigrant women can go to, to find structured Information that helps them learn digital skills, to help them improve career chances and/or set up their business online. This in turn helps reduce financial exclusion allows them to Become more empowered in their financial decisions, social cohesion & wellbeing. We also offer Workshops for Black-Women-Led Voluntary Organisations for growth and Sustainability.

Deliver change to Black Immigrant Women via Digital skills

Drawing on our lived experiences of hardship. More so In the wake of Covid-19 and the current climate, we specifically provide information, advice, training, and support to BME Women in Liverpool pushed in crisis as a result of various traumas and circumstances and their families. Our support helps them get connected as well as become more productive in their communities.

Provide Support

We provide support, welfare checks, and basic advice for African immigrant women and their families in Liverpool on issues regarding their finances especially; living within their means/budget, debt management, work and welfare, and signposting to FCA registered money advisors. The work we do with BME women is focused in Liverpool, and driven through the WeNation space we created as a result of an early research project we carried out in 2017-18.

Women & Digital Inclusion - WODIN empowers the black Immigrant woman to realise her full potential through Social and digital inclusion, skills training, signposting, professional and personal development. We provide advice and information to BME Women & communities who would otherwise feel excluded due to social or economic barriers.

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Our Volunteers and team are happy to talk about your needs and craft a plan to help you stay connected and confident in the digital space.

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What Some of Our Beneficiaries Say

Positively touching the many lives.

Rated 5 out of 5
July 30, 2021

Hello Julie. I cannot go without telling you what a wonderful digital branding session it was today. You’ve delivered it with zest and conviction touching the many lives today including mine. You’re born with a gift and use it and never let negativity let you lose your ground and focus. One love for my Ugandan queen.

Dionne Brown

Super Talented and Amazing!

Rated 5 out of 5
March 6, 2021

Thank you Julie for your valuable guidance and training in developing my business,I really enjoy your sessions and always looking forward to it.you are a great coach and motivator.Glad I met you.

Jamila Bajehson

Amazing and I now have a clearer vision of my business

Rated 5 out of 5
August 3, 2022

As a reluctant social media follower/ user and coupled with little knowledge about it all . I feel that the session has helped me to be more accepting and explained clearly how it would enable my business to grow and be successful

Rosemary Ojukwu

The session was very interesting and informative.

Rated 5 out of 5
July 27, 2022

It has inspired me to persevere in my efforts to set up a successful business. The legal aspects of setting up a business, the importance of significant research prior to setting up. The session has given me significant information to move forward with my business plan and other necessary ideas.

Rosemary Ojukwu

Todays session

Rated 5 out of 5
July 27, 2022

It was a very valid session. It helped in having more insight on what l need to know and areas to focus with regards to developing my business. Thanks Julie for bringing this to us, thanks alos to Bridgette for sharing all those important information.

Anthonia Edward


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