Women and Digital Inclusion - WODIN is a voluntary Community Interest Company (CIC), that exists for the benefit of Black Immigrant Women in Merseyside. We aim for Social Equity for black African women to strengthen communities in a Digital World in Merseyside.

How we Came About, Our story 👇

Our Organisation and History

Since 2016 we are focused on a mission to fight poverty, social exclusion and reduce the Gap between the black African women and families, who are 1st generation immigrants in the UK. They are a minority within the BAME umbrella, especially in Merseyside.  We started as a digital social gathering sharing what we know about connecting and building a community online. We purposed to equip and support black immigrant women and their families, to make the most of available opportunities including digital ones. 

People are at the center of whatever we do. Our commitment to our beneficiaries’ well-being is complete and total and the only reason for our existence.

We take our motto “Ending Digital Poverty to Engender Social Equity” seriously and will do what it takes to achieve that primary commitment. Thus, we will intervene whenever necessary and wherever in Merseyside our services are needed with our available resources.

In 2020  and with the number of people coming to us for help, we officially registered Women and Digital Inclusion CIC (WODIN) to serve our communities wider and better. 

Our work is volunteer-led and not only helps reduce social, digital, and financial exclusion, but it also keeps our communities connected and resilient through challenges and hard times. We also help them become more empowered in their financial decisions, social cohesion, and well-being. Please help us make a difference so we can continue to be there for Ethnically Diverse, minoritized, and hard-to-reach members of the community living in poverty. 

The WODIN Team

Our Vision

Women and Digital Inclusion – WODIN’s Vision is: Social equity for black African migrant women in Merseyside to strengthen communities in a digital world



Our mission as Women & Digital Inclusion is to bridge the socio-economic gap between predominantly, but not exclusively, Black African Migrant Women and their families; their communities in Merseyside; and the rest of society.

We do this by simplifying information technology and digital resources; providing hands-on digital literacy training and tools; and providing needs-based advice, guidance, support, and advocacy services, particularly in relation to housing; money matters; health and wellbeing issues.

We want social equity for all; for our beneficiaries to fulfil their potential; contribute to and build stronger communities; and for them to take their rightful place in society.

Our Values

From Digital Poverty, to Digital Inclusion

Women and Digital Inclusion
Women and Digital Inclusion
Women and Digital Inclusion
Women and Digital Inclusion
Women and Digital Inclusion
Women and Digital Inclusion