About Us

Women and Digital Inclusion – WoDin is a Community Interest Company (CIC), that exists for the benefit of our Liverpool Community of Black Immigrant Women.  We aim to Bridge the Gap and engage BME women in activities, events, and opportunities to reduce Social and Digital exclusion.

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Our Organisation and History

Since 2016 we are focused on a mission, which is to fight poverty, exclusion and reduce the Gap between the BME communities and the rest of society in the UK through connection, essential digital skills, and digital inclusion.

We started as a digital social gathering when Julie Syl made a stand in 2016 to share what she knows about connecting and building an audience one can serve online. 

We equip and support black immigrant women and their families in Liverpool, to take their rightful place as fruitful members of their communities. And to make the most of available opportunities. 

2017 – We started serving those with start-ups,  those with home-based small businesses, and distributors for existing companies who needed to learn how to build their business online, via one-to-one and Free live training on social media. 

2018 – Julie Syl launched the WeNation for women entrepreneurs who felt stuck and geo-locked in their business and needed to connect and build their presence online thus serve more. To date, we have served over 100 women/startups. 

2020 – Since Covid-19 and the 1st UK lockdown in March 2020, more and more Black business owners SMEs felt invisible and didn’t have recourse to the government-led support and so many felt their only choice was to shut down. We have helped over 45 stay connected and serving in their communities despite the hardships. 

2020 – With the number of people coming to us, we created and registered Women and Digital Inclusion CIC (WODIN) to serve our communities wider and better. So we help/support them to stay connected, create a digital presence that actually attracts their target audience and customers, so they can serve and scale their income-producing activities. Or find jobs and stay connected to essential services

All the above help reduce social, digital, and financial exclusion, and keep our communities connected as well as help them stay resilient through challenges and hard times. We also help them become more empowered in their financial decisions, social cohesion, and well-being.

Please help us make a difference so we can continue to be there for BME and hard to reach members of the community living in poverty. 

The WODIN Team


We help the Black Immigrant woman realize her full potential by providing hands-on digital inclusion skills and need-based services that are relevant, convenient, and/or affordable.

Our Vision

Our Vision at Women & Digital Inclusion is to: Simplify Information Technology and Digital Resources for Black Immigrant women and their families in Liverpool UK so that they can take their rightful place as fruitful members of their communities. 

Our Values

Our Aim

Our aim is to simplify Information Technology and Digital resources for black immigrant women and their families in Liverpool UK, to enable them to engage in issues concerning them.

How Else We Help

We offer a wide range of Workshops on Digital Marketing, Social Media and branding, Money matters training programs, etc. These are deep-dive bespoke sessions and Impact training for Women-led Non-Profit Organisations and Startups to set up your digital assets and make the difference that matters to your mission.


We also set up and run tailored training programs focused on various interests, as indicated by our beneficiaries. Including but not limited to:

• Running digital awareness courses as indicated by our beneficiaries.
• Offering a digital helpline where the women can connect and not feel too isolated.
• Training volunteers for befriending
• Linking with other agencies such as Health, Social Services and Education to provide tailored training and information seminars to black African women and families
• Facilitating open dialogue workshops between practitioners and users of public services
• Cross-cultural enterprise training
• Open Dialogue Workshops
• Social Media Anxiety workshops
• Women support programs

• Supporting BME Women lead small organisations to digitize their services.

We are open and flexible, creating bespoke sessions to meet the needs of specific women groups, BME women-led small organisations, and/or professionals.

Our Services for Voluntary Organisations and Social Enterprises