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Women and Digital Inclusion

I truly believe that you can Have a Taste of Northern Nigerian Cuisine in The UK with Arewa Pantry

Women and Digital Inclusion

We provide a Delicious taste of Northern Nigeria in Oldham Manchester, UK

Where you can have your Kuli-Kuli and eat it too.

Does all of the talk about “Northern Nigeria food” in the UK sound like a long-lost dream? Are you excited when you hear the word Zobo leaves, does that remind you of the taste of home? Are you feeling homesick for that Suya after yet another salmon dinner? Or you might like to have a taste of the exotic…

It’s time to have your tastebuds transported to Northern Nigeria.

Food that will nourish your body and provides that taste of home while filling you up, giving you the resilience to continue living. The nutrients found in the foods we eat enable the cells in our bodies to perform their necessary functions—food keeps us alive. And Arewa Pantry allows your body and mind to perform


Women and Digital Inclusion

Hi, I am Jamilla and I’m here to help.

I’m Jamilla, founder, and owner of Arewa Pantry, and I’m ready to help you unlock your joy and tastebuds through a taste of Nutritious, healthy meals, spices, and snacks from the Northern regions of Nigeria. They are also Halal.

As an African Immigrant myself, I have spent X number of years craving very specific foods and snacks I grew up eating back in the motherland. Until I decided to stop craving and start doing. Arewa Pantry was born. I’m here to help you sort through the fake dry tasteless snacks to Delicious tasty Northern Nigeria meals, snacks, and spices right to your Doorstep in the UK. Whether you’re looking for just a taste or a full event menu, I offer flexible solutions that can be prepared across the board.

Services We Offer

Suya_Masa (1)

Meals both Small & Large

We can prepare a meal for 2 or a full-blown event like birthday parties, weddings, etc. Please contact us for more details and with your needs.

Suya Spice (1)

Tasty Snacks

Our snacks last for X Weeks/Months and come with nutritional information. They can be ordered and delivered by our efficient courier service via phone.

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Packaged Spices

Want to make your own meal with authentic northern Nigeria Spices? Arewa Pantry has got you covered. Simply let us know what you need and we’ll deliver.

“Jamilla’s Arewa Pantry Suya is incredible. I completely changed my supplier once I tasted hers and now I never feel so homesick. Nor do I feel like I am missing out on anything delicious. She’s amazing!”

Jane Doe – Happy Customer