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Welcome to Your VIP Business Training  Hub, You are on your way to setting your business up in a way that gives it a chance to grow from a seed to a plant that gives forth more seeds! Some Modules you may have basic or Good knowledge of, Others you may not. Either way, go through the Modules one by one because you never know what nuggets you may pick up. We always believe that if we learn and implement Just The One new thing that we didn’t know from a training course or piece of content; that’s the Value of the Price we paid (the price may be your time). It’s a very rich mindset way of progressing.

Let’s kick off by working on your mindset.

You must Get rid of any negativity in your mind day by day. You must affirm your greatness and your desired Dream Morning and Evening. Make each day Your Greatest Day ever! We learned this from an amazing coach way back and we would like you too, to get into the right Mindset, The mind of a Successful Business Owner, a Marketer, a Leader. So we are getting you started by sharing with you this Audio by that coach J Robins: Enjoy 

Here is Your Ideal Day, Tune in Close Your Eyes and Live it. Click Here

Are you done with the Audio? Let us Go…

Zone In, Focus Your Actions, Get Results

Your Money Blueprint! Password: KaSP 

Steps & Tasks to Build a Profitable Business

Session #2

Why Start a Business? What Steps do you Need to Follow to Build a Solid Foundation? 

In the USP & Customer Avatar Resource below, we added some guide answers right up to QN 25. They are real answers reflecting where we were in our journey. You can use them as guidance or delete them and come up with unbiased answers. 

Session #3 Your Business Structure & Branding

What Business structure will you choose? This could impact your ability to scale and grow at a later date. Your Brand can metamorphosize and will probably do so. In this session we talked about the essentials to setting up your Structure and Digital and Offline brand to stand out in a crowded or New Market. 

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Session #4 Business Set up, Planning and Legalities

If you participated in UPYA you received the Facilitator Resources pre-session. The Downloads below are Bonuses from WODIN. We hope they help you Set up and Thrive faster.

Session #5 How to Use Social Media for Trading

Your Business Needs cashflow to survive and this will come from customers. The World Wide Web is your very own marketplace. But how do you extract these beautiful oysters from the Interwebs? This is today’s session. The Essentials to Social Media Selling 101.

Mentioned resource: Canva >> Create your free account here 

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