The Cost of Living Crisis in Black Communities in Merseyside UK.

The Cost of Living Crisis in Black Diasporan Communities

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The Cost of Living Crisis Destroying Black Diasporan Communities in Merseyside – How We Can Build, Stay Resilient and Come out the Other Side

The Cost of Living Crisis in Black Diasporan Communities, — how do our communities get through the tough season, rally up, and maybe even prosper? 

We at WODIN believe that: 

“What you focus on with your emotions expands and manifests in your life. Yet, we cannot completely avoid the News and constant barrage of the words “Global Cost Of living Crisis”, further exercabated by the war in  Ukraine.

That’s why we are very excited to have partnered with and received funding from Liverpool Charities and Voluntary ServicesLCVS on a much-needed Energy Spark Project– We call it E-Spark Project

It is not surprising that while more people of all races and creeds are having to choose between “Eating and Heating”, this crisis is being faced deeper and harder hitting on the ethnic minorities, and even more so by Black communities in Merseyside and up and down the UK. 

In fact, The Independence News back in Nov 2022 more or less stated that the “Cost of living crisis is disproportionately impacting ethnic minority workers…”

This is why Women and Digital Inclusion chose to step up and try to support our local communities via conversations and discussions by the people for the people. To come up with solutions that support the person at the bottom of the political and economic table. Because families are going destitute, children are going hungry and getting traumatized a whole generation is being affected while politicians play Russian Roulette ping pong on who should be in Number 10 and with the economy. 

WODIN is a Liverpool-based grassroots organisation that supports black African immigrant (BME) women in Merseyside. We offer support and programs focused on various interests, as indicated by our beneficiaries. Including but not limited to:

• Providing digital awareness courses and a helpline for the women to connect and not feel too isolated.
• Training volunteers for befriending
• Linking with other agencies to provide tailored training and information seminars to black immigrant women.
• Facilitating open dialogue workshops between practitioners and users of public services
• Cross-cultural enterprise training and open dialogue workshops & support programs
• Supporting small organisations to digitize their services.

So, what is new about the Cost Of Living Crisis and why talk about it now? 

Research commissioned by People Like Us, a non-profit that celebrates diversity in media and marketing surveyed over 2000 BAME workers. 52% stated that government support would not get them through the tough season let alone 6 months, causing them to dip deep into any savings they may have. As opposed to 45% of their caucasian counterparts. Further exposing the sad fact that the CoL crisis and difficulties are hitting marginalised communities the hardest.


Some experts state that the key factors that drove up the cost of living for most people in 2022 included soaring energy bills, rising inflation, and tax increases.

That the cost of living crisis is particularly affecting BLACK communities, and it is compounded by the fact that black people esp. women suffer higher levels of unemployment and multitudes of barriers caused by economic inequities.

This means people are carrying huge debts and adding to that pile.  Their plight is not helped by the huge pay gap said to be approx 84% less than their white counterparts! Black people are forced to resort to loan sharks, potentially putting themselves and their families in danger. 

Cost of Living Crisis in Black Communities - We are the Change that we desire - WODIN


What can we do?  

We at WODIN in addition to the grassroots projects and work we do to support black women in Merseyside, are going to do more. We hope you will join us in our efforts to bring equity to our streets.


We are going to talk about how Black Ethnic minorities can support each other during this season and beyond so that we can build resilience and learn how to survive and even thrive despite the crisis.


We are doing this via 2 Bespoke virtual conversations –  2 Awareness virtual workshops:

  • Living on a budget merged with Maximising Income – 26th January 2023 4 pm GMT
  • Managing debt and Implications on Mental health – on 2nd February 2023 4 pm GMT


Please do join us, spread the word, and invite a friend. Details on the attached flyer below

Zoom Meeting ID: 6464189123

Passcode: Smm-Sotp7

 Women and Digital Inclusion


You are welcome to the WODIN E-Spark Conversations, changing systems from the grassroots. 

If you are challenged and bullied by digital stuff, our Free Essential Digital Skills Program might be just what you need. It is pre-recorded so you can dive in at your pace. No childcare costs are needed.  

And, if you would like to get involved in WODIN activities or future projects, please email or call 07879 053346. 

If you are a Voluntary Organisation and wish to collaborate, partner with us, or learn how we can serve you please visit our services page to learn how you can.


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