Digital Skills Training - Digital Inclusion

Digital Skills Training

The world we live in is experiencing a digital revolution and most services have gone online or have a digital process at some point. Accessing essential services like GP, banking, learning, meetings, and all kinds of guidance is more or less digital now. We keep hearing of NHS digital, online banking, emails, etc., yet without basic and/or essential digital skills, life gets stressful for many.

WODIN encourages black minority women and everyone to learn these skills so they can get online, communicate and transact with confidence. These experiences very much enrich their lives and for many opens up new experiences, social and work opportunities. Our digital skills training programs are good for the communities. They are designed to empower, uplift, and educate.

Our Training focuses on Digital Inclusion and ending digital poverty. This can range from basic digital and IT skills right up to comprehensive support with work programs and digital tools for more advanced users. Learn more about our Basic skills here

And if you need more comprehensive Essential Skills Go here.

If you would like to Hire WODIN to run some Programs for your community or organisation please contact us