Are you having to Choose between Eating or Heating?

WODIN Partners with Citizens Outreach Coalition and CGHMinistry to Support BAME families facing Fuel Poverty in Merseyside. 

So does energy-saving advice have to be boring or techie? The answer is No and Yes…respectively. Everything we’ve shared below may be already known to you, or maybe not! The important thing is Citizens Outreach Coalition – CoC launched the Energy saving awareness project in response to the skyrocketing energy bills and cost of living crisis, especially among the black minoritized people in Liverpool, Merseyside.


CoC has the Energy Experts to connect with you online, on a call, or they can come out to you and walk you through some truly unique and energy-saving steps. These will help you save some money on your energy bills so that you can hopefully heat your home and eat too.

Below are some of the run of the mill energy-saving tips you may or may not be doing: 

  • Turning down the home thermostat by one degree saves energy – from 20c to 19c (older people and children may need up to 25c the best is 21c.
  • Buying/Using efficient Home bulbs/appliances.
  • Heat humans, not the room including wearing thicker jumpers, thick clothing,
    hoodies, etc. We did share some ideas in our downloadable Cost of Living Crisis Toolkit right here.
  • Winterproof your home by draughtproofing heat escape holes in keyholes,
    letterboxes, and gaps in doors and windows. If there is a chimney you are not using, stop the hole with an inflatable chimney balloon.
  • Insulate your loft. If your loft is easily accessible, you can do this yourself by
    using rolls of mineral wool that rest between the joints. There are videos available online on how to do this.
  • Wash clothes more efficiently. Wash clothes at lower temperatures. You can
    change the water temperature from 40C to 30C. Optimize washing by having full loads. A tumbler dryer uses a ton of energy, so dry clothes outside when you can.
  • Turn off the heating in unused rooms. 
  • Unplug gadgets and turn off lights when you leave a room. Leaving appliances on standby costs money
  • Cook efficiently. Microwaves, slow cookers, and air fryers are cheaper ways of cooking meals than using an oven.
  • Avoid overfilling the kettle.
  • Take showers and not baths. A five-minute shower uses about a third of the water of a bath.
  • Switch energy suppliers or tariffs if there are cheaper ones available


The Energy Saving Awareness Project

The CoC experts will take you through way more than the above tips.

So, if you are facing serious financial hardship, and on benefits, you could also qualify for some financial help with your energy bill through this Energy Saving project. We at WODIN understand that many people especially the elderly, families with little children, and even recent migrants to the UK like asylum seekers or refugees need support to understand and make changes to reduce their bills while providing sustenance to their families. 


That’s why we partnered with CoC and CHGMinistry on this energy project and we encourage you to share this information and reach out on the details shared below for support with your energy bills


Energy Savings Awareness Project_Cost of Living Crisis Liverpool


This Energy Savings awareness campaign has supported over 100 families already since October 2022 and includes light touch advice events, home visits by an energy expert, and telephone advice during which you will learn simple things you can do to reduce your energy bills, while still staying warm especially as winter seems to be dragging on longer than we all expect.


Any questions or if you feel you need to have a confidential chat, please use the numbers on the flyer above and we will do our best to support your needs or signpost you. 


If you are challenged and bullied by digital stuff, our Free Essential Digital Skills Program might be just what you need. It is pre-recorded so you can dive in at your pace. No childcare costs are needed.  

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