Essential Digital Skills Training

In our Essential Digital Skills Training you will learn all about how to navigate the internet, create and use email, simple spreadsheets, and browsing the internet safely. The training/course also covers using a web browser to view websites, creating bookmarks and what cookies mean for you online.

Essential Digital Skills - Introduction

Essential Digital Skills

This is an in-depth introduction to what Essential Digital Skills are and what you may need for employability, communication, and daily tasks in the Digital World. Including

  • Digital Security
  • Cyber Safety
  • Cookies & GDPR
  • Creating a Gmail account and essential Navigation and Functionalities

4 Videos + Downloadable Resources

Women and Digital Inclusion

Introduction to Spreadsheets

In this training, you’ll learn how to use a spreadsheet to make working with numbers easier, especially for work or simple business bookkeeping. The course will show you how to:

  • Enter text and numbers to record information
  • Make a home budget.
  • Filter information
  • Sort and group Information

1 Video + Download

Women and Digital Inclusion

Your Mental Wellness Online

In this Training, you will get a feel of why your mental health and wellness are very important in the digital space. What does this look like for you in your use of the internet? And how it can affect your life, work, and relationships. What to do if you feel stressed while using the internet. 

1 Download + Read Article on Social Media & Anxiety for parents and children

What Our Students Say

What a wonderful digital branding session it was today. You’ve delivered it with zest and conviction touching the many lives today including mine. You’re born with a gift and use it and never let negativity let you lose your ground and focus.
Dionne Brown
Manchester, UK
I enjoyed the session and training, it was eye opening, especially regarding how careless we can be with our online safety. Thank you for that wonderful information.
Sarah N
From Liverpool
I learnt important things concerning digital skills I thought I had, with some important pointers about digital protection. It was amazing to share your knowledge with us and I hope to learn more in the next session.
Aidah N
Liverpool UK
Thank you Julie for your valuable guidance and training in developing my business, I really enjoy your sessions and always looking forward to it. Glad I met you.
Jamilah Bajehson
Manchester, UK