WODIN Basic Digital skills workshops session 1

BeWODIN Free Basic Digital Skills Training Program Starts

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Women and Digital Inclusion – WODIN launched the BeWodin Free basic digital skills training service for black migrant women project with a fully loaded workshop and lunch date.

Over 12 black women showed up in person with 2 showing up virtually to set their digital foundations straight and be able to communicate, transact and socialize efficiently in the digital space. We all enjoyed a light lunch together and connect with each other.

The event was held at the Maggie O’Neill Business Centre in Huyton, Liverpool.

WODIN Basic Digital skills Training in session

The BeWODIN program aims to recognise the value of black women working together and learning basic digital skills to be able to travel the digital streets with more confidence:

  • In their workplaces – job-related digital tasks
  • Home life e.g., connecting with their GP services, shopping online, etc.
  • Transactions – banking
  • Communication – job searches, applications, and
  • Running enterprises
  • Supporting their children with homework and projects and so much more.

They are also making new connections, and friends and expanding their social network thus building community. Sharing a meal/lunch together is very important to us because it enables our participants/beneficiaries not to worry about that when they attend WODIN programs. It is also a way of creating togetherness and community.

The women were so excited to meet each other and unbox their brand new GeoBooks so they can learn and practice the lessons they learn daily. They set up their gadgets, created an email each, and connected to the Cloud and they all cannot wait to get to the next session which is all about Word Processing. This session and the next one are facilitated by Mr. Julius Bwanika an Architect and IT specialist, who is also a WODIN volunteer and part-time Project Admin. And the help of our amazing volunteers, we are so thankful for their support. 

All this has been made possible with The National Lottery Community Fund; and we at WODIN Cannot thank all the Lottery players enough for all the support they enable in our communities.  

At the BeWODIN basic IT skills, we believe that everyone knows something, and has a voice. So, while we had a facilitator, we also were learning from and with each other. Making our sessions highly interactive and engaging.  We recognise that everyone had wisdom to share. The women shared their knowledge of anything that can be considered a computer, input and output gadgets, and resources, and they were constantly encouraged to network and support each other. This is very rare in society: to be listened to and heard without judgment and the need to fix, while also learning new skills.

Simply listening to people’s needs is a gift and can be very healing too. Some of the participants expressed this,

I was given the opportunity to interact, ask questions and contribute. The session was well planned and articulated.

When asked what aspects of the workshop/program was most useful or valuable, another said,

“Being able to understand search engines and browsers and how the internet works was very very useful for me.”  

All participants expressed that they couldn’t wait to learn more about Word Processing, what they referred to as “How Ms Word works”.

All our programs are held in windows of time when parents do not have to worry about child care. For instance, they are either held virtually or between 11 am and 2 pm when children are in school and just after the morning and before the afternoon school runs. And moms with babies/toddlers are free to bring their little ones.

At WODIN, our programs and gatherings lift black migrant women and refine their confidence. We all need some help at some point in our lives, so it is good to know we are not alone. That we can upskill without worrying about childcare costs. And that others have been through, or are going through, and can share the blueprint. Being in a community of feminine energy supported by masculine energy helps us all to strengthen our voices and communities or working environment, we feel more empowered and thrive.

Our next free basic digital skills training session is around the corner details are below:

WODIN Basic Digital skills workshops session 2 Flier


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Women and Digital Inclusion Women and Digital Inclusion
                 Women and Digital Inclusion Women and Digital Inclusion


Women and Digital Inclusion Women and Digital Inclusion


Women and Digital Inclusion Women and Digital Inclusion

Women and Digital Inclusion Women and Digital Inclusion

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