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Gratitude at the Centre of Charity – Do You agree? | WODIN Wins New Kindle Fire 7

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Gratitude at the Centre of Charity – WODIN Wins New Kindle Fire 7 from InKind Direct


There is an Africa proverb that goes something like this; “She who isn’t grateful receives no generosity”. And today’s message is all about not only BEing grateful but also SHOWing and sowing gratitude in our daily walk of life. So, allow me to ask you, do you agree with the statement:

“Gratitude at the centre of Charity?

I do 100% 

This is a bit of a diversion from our inaugural newsflash aka post on Say No to Domestic Violence with the SAWN App. Which you can definitely learn more about how you can help here

And I cannot tell you how much we love the SAWN family and its chair Mrs Rose Ssali. But hey you too shall get to love the bones off of this woman soon enough.

More so because she introduced the Women and Digital Inclusion (WODIN) team to the organisation called InKind Direct


So back in March like the good students we are, we applied for and got accepted on this amazing platform.

I cannot tell you how much of a help it has been in supporting our grassroots community work from the day we got accepted. The Sanitary and cleaning products, the little fun gift packs, the beauty products, household cleaning products and so much more… 

So much so I took a photo that I meant to share on the InKind Direct Facebook page just to say a massive thank you to them. By the way Follow/Like their page #TYVM


See, according to statistics, not enough charities and community organisations say thank you, despite doing a lot of thankless work ourselves. 

We should change that, don’t you think? 


I am a big believer in the Law of Attraction, and that we receive what we generously give unto others.  So I had intended to just say thank you and post that image. Surprise surprise, I found a post on their page see the image below as to the context of their post. 

I am also a firm believer in divine destiny, arent you? 

So, instead of just a general post, I chose to share the image on the post that invited organisations to share themselves with InKind Direct Products. I did note the Invitation to potentially WIN an Amazon Fire 7 Tablet. That said, I did NOT for a moment think we could win it, there were already over 40 other comments & images. 

I simply posted my Image and a simple message of thanks.

Then I went about my day, trying to get rid of pesky allergic itchy eyes and throat as well as planning our Paul’s Birthday.

I must have drunk a gallon of lemon, ginger, and honey tea.   

It must have been the tea then… 😁 Because… 

Gratitude at the centre of charity_InKind Direct

Lo and behold on Friday afternoon, 😲 I received a call from InKind Direct’s Emma who told me we had won the Fire.

Flippineck Oh Em Gee you should have heard me scream with excitement, my itchy throat did a runner… For a few minutes at the least. 

And I genuinely can say hand on heart, two things:

  1. Gratitude truly opens doors of abundance. 
  2. Social media and the digital space do work. 

Well, on Saturday morning, we got a delivery from InKind Direct which included our Kindle Fire 7 and many more goodies. 

Gratitude at the heart of charity_KIndle Fire Prize

Women and Digital Inclusion


The moral of this story is pretty simple.

When you show gratitude, in everything, including being in a position to serve others, you attract so much abundance, from expected and unexpected places. It is a boomerang effect, I promise you this.


And so we at WODIN Liverpool say a massive thank you to InKind Direct for your amazing work in sourcing affordable goods of all kinds for charities and social organisations to serve better.

We also believe that you deserve all the love and recognition, and so we give you a 5-star rating too.


When you practice gratefulness, there is a sense of respect towards others. – Dalai Lama


Gratitude at the heart of charity


Have you ever won anything, received a prize or gift from an unexpected source? Do you believe in the Law of reciprocity, miracles, and alignment? 

We at Women and Digital Inclusion believe in all the above and much more. Above all, we love to serve marginalized, minoritized BME women and communities in Liverpool with soul. 

And on that pretty fun note, we hope to see you soonest. Until then, share this post and your take on it in a comment below. 

Julie Syl

WODIN Chair And CEO Julie_Syl_Kalungi


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