Women and Digital Inclusion

Looking back at WODIN’s 2023

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Somo Sisters Oral Histories Project
Read all about the Somo Sisters project in this blog post.

Migrant Help’s free smartphones
Read all about the free smartphones project in this blog post.

Utopian Meals – running until June 2024. Lots of Visuals inside our Google Drive Images. We have run 4 sessions so far and served 149 women who together have dependents. This makes it a Total of 610 direct beneficiaries of the Utopian Meals Food Parcels

ESPARK-2 – details here https://wodin.org.uk/cost-of-living-fund-for-black-communities/
With the expanded food parcels program we have already served a total of 483 people and plan on serving more going into 2024. Thus our excitement and gratitude to TNL Cost of Living Fund for enabling us to be able to serve our communities even deeper and wider.

What’s coming in the future…

Working with Lloyds Bank Foundation WODIN will be receiving enhanced support for Operational Strategy and Implementation over 3 years and we are very excited and so grateful to have this level of professional support which will allow WODIN to grow exponentially as an organisation.

ESPARK-2 Is running until March 2024. Currently we have impacted over 480 people directly with the Expanded Food Parcels. We have had over 165 people show up in our Candid Conversations about the Cost of Living Crisis. We focus on Solutions as we believe in being the change. These sessions are held over Zoom every other Tuesday evening 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm. The next 2 sessions are 5th December and 14th December.

We continue to be thankful to The National Lottery Awards for all for the Utopian Meals project. TNL Reaching Communities for the continued support via the HITC program. Thank you Heritage Lottery for enabling WODIN to deliver the Somo Sisters Journeys and making 12 women bestselling authors whose message is now part of the UK fabric in the UK Records office at the Liverpool Central Library.

WODIN will be unveiling our New Office in Liverpool courtesy of Lloyds Bank Foundation support, where our communities can drop in for advice, support inquiries, volunteer, hold workshops and/or even just visiting. This is at 433 Liverpool Road, Liverpool L36 8HT. This is a major milestone for us as we have had to hire space for every single activity we run in person. With the savings we are hiring a Project Admin assistant for longer hours. This is great news for our communities and WODIN as an organisation.

We are thankful to Lloyds Bank Foundation for giving us the opportunity to grow, to access expert enhanced support to build WODIN capacity. With this support, the future of WODIN and its longevity does not look as uncertain as it did at the start of 2023.

We welcome our new Project Admin Assistant Ms Racheal Nakajjiri who has been our lead volunteer for 2 years. Racheal never missed a single program, project, event, outreach campaign, be it winter or summer, wet or dry. We are thankful for her dedication and that she has chosen to stick around a bit longer in a more sustainable position.

We are thankful to Picaroons, James Berg and Ms Orla Smith who have for the last 12 months supported WODIN’s growth in the digital space, made our brand look sexy on the digital streets and implemented the UPYA strategy that we started in 2021. We wish you all an amazing 2024. And even as we end the existing relationship, we know it’s a whole new door opening for us all.

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