Julie Sylvia Kalungi

Chair and Chief Executive

Julie Syl is the Chief Executive of Women & Digital Inclusion, a Liverpool based community interest company that aims to enable Black African women to access digital skills and rebuild their income and lives successfully in the UK.

She is also the COO of a boutique digital marketing agency that has since 2014 helped SMEs esp. black-owned businesses leverage the digital space to reach desired end goals. 

Prior to this Julie Syl worked with HT Forrest as a Liaison Officer in St Helens. Later with Helena Housing as a customer services manager with responsibility for social housing needs of predominantly BME people in South Liverpool.

These are challenging times for Black and Ethnic Minorities in Britain. Especially black African women. Yet those who found a way to offer their services and products online have stayed afloat and even thrived. Every adult deserves to be able to create an income and provide for themselves and their families. Women & Digital Inclusion works with many others to end the disparity and exclusion of Black African women and the poverty that faces so many of this demographic in Liverpool UK today.

Julie Syl is a best selling author of 4+ books and prolific writer and blogger in the digital space. 

She a regular author of blogs for various online platforms and uses LinkedIn with the handle @JulieSylviaKalungi

Women and Digital Inclusion