Justine N Kigozi - Mental Health Lead

Justine Kigozi (she/her) is an interdisciplinary leader, researcher, and practitioner in mental health, wellness, and critical thinking. Justine’s professional background is in mental health hands-on practice, public speaking and teaching in the UK NHS. She is currently an NHS Clinical Manager on attachment to the Merseyside Police.

As part of the BAME community, Justine has direct experience of how mental health services can emphasize ‘normalcy’ and cause further alienation and distress. Justine uses her expertise, lived experience, and professional platform to advocate for BAME mental health-related rights and justice. Her passion is to bridge the information gap about mental health for BME communities.

She is also the Executive Chair of Mind Body and Soul

Justine uses LinkedIn with the handle @Justine Nakimuli

Justine Kigozi WODIN Steering Group