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What we Do and How We Can Work Together

  • Are you an agency or organisation seeking to engage with Black African and other ethnic minority women and communities in Liverpool Merseyside?
  • Are you keen to gain access and the trust of black Immigrant women and groups (BME) so that you can make your services more accessible?
  • Would you like to explore options to increase the uptake of your services by these communities to improve outcomes for these families?

Women and Digital Inclusion works to bridge the gap especially in the digital skills space for black immigrant women. And would love to bridge that gap between agencies and practitioners of all kinds, in all communities and settings in Liverpool.

We also work with parents, parent groups, and anyone who works with women or young people voluntarily in a club or a community group to equip and support you to become more effective in what you already do.

We provide information on any digital resources, strategies, and skills issues, as well as an understanding of the digital space and the legal aspects of the use of the digital space in the UK and globally. Take a look at our Services or contact us to tailor a program for you. 

Digital Skills Training & Mentorship

In collaboration with other digital trainers, coaches, and organizations like SAWN, we train women in understanding more about the skills they need and tools available to create an income using the online space so that they can better support their family’s well-being. 

We also offer cross-cultural training to support migrant women esp. parents to sensitively and effectively manage their youths and teach them transferable skills, not taught in mainstream education. And working around their child care needs. As well as outside of the normal 9-5 work/school hours in the comfort of their homes.

Professional Workshops & Masterminds

In collaboration with other grassroots organisations, Women & Digital Inclusion – WODIN offers training in Digital Skills Inclusion. Basic personal digital branding, and Social Media Skills and facilitates Open Dialogue workshops between black African women and Organisations/Agencies willing to offer their services.

These workshops are aimed at black immigrant women with small to medium-sized businesses and no clear digital presence or way to reach their target audience and thus present their offers better and increase their family income and well-being.

We work with service professionals, third sector organisations, and community groups on this front.

We are open and flexible and can create bespoke workshops, web classes, or sessions to meet the needs of specific groups, families, or professionals.

Leadership Training Workshops

In Conjunction with CGH Women Ministry 

Women and Digital Inclusion Women and Digital Inclusion

Community Engagement Workshops

These started in collaboration with SAWN for black women esp. asylum seekers to gain the essential digital and physical skills to create a simple home-based business (start-up) in crafts and other ways. And create an income that helps improve their lifestyles, self-confidence, and social cohesion in their communities. The topics covered range from:

  • Basic Business Plan,
  • Digital Branding,
  • Social Media Set up,
  • Social media Selling and your Value Story
  • Marketing Online,
  • Resources Available, Digital Strategies for SMEs and Voluntary Organisations,
  • Affiliate Marketing and Sustainability,
  • Personal Branding,
  • Legalities,
  • Customer Services,
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting
  • And so much more. 

The Winning Planner - Goal Setting

Workshop/Conference for BAME Event Planners in the NorthWest in Collaboration with Events By Viva

Women and Digital Inclusion

Women and Digital Inclusion
In Collaboration with the Liverpool Commonwealth Association



Women and Digital Inclusion

Basic Digital Skills Program -Maggie ONeill Business centre

SWIB – SAWN Workshops Collaboration Jan – March 2021

Women and Digital Inclusion
Women and Digital Inclusion

We are open and flexible and can create bespoke Workshops on Digital skills & Branding, and web classes to meet the needs of specific groups, families, or professionals.