WODIN provides specialist services for the non-profit, charity sector, and social enterprises. We are happy to work with organizations of all sizes. Our work is focused on increasing reach and brand recognition for non-profit esp. women-lead organisations supporting them with digitalization, digital strategies, social media management, SEO, Inbound marketing, and effective digital communication that hits the numbers.

We understand your time constraints, you are a busy organisation leader with so much on your plate. Let’s lock arms, and work together to support you achieve your desired end goals with proven cost-effective digial techniques that also save you time and resources.

WODIN provides a range of digital set-up and training workshops for the charity/non-profit sector, volutary organisations, and social enterprises. Please check below for what we can do for you and if you prefer a mix and match type or bespoke workshop for your organisation, please send us a message right here.


Women and Digital Inclusion

Our Training Packages


Social Media Foundation for Non-Profits/Voluntary Organisations Training (Half Day)

Event Type details (Conference or Virtual experience) provided upon confirmation.

This training is specifically beneficial to Non-Profits, Charities, and Social Enterprise who often struggle to show up in the digital space in a meaningful way as to attract more of the kind of stakeholders they desire to. 

A value-packed and interactive half-day training providing participants with tools, resources, strategies, and ideas on how to manage their digital presence, social media, and creating or building on existing relationships with key stakeholders, funders, beneficiaries.

This program will show you how to develop your content, tied into your ethos, key message, and offer. We touch briefly on how to write hypnotic pieces of content even microblogs/articles and how to apply the 4-C formula to attracting your desired end goals, thus positively impacting your beneficiaries.

An Introduction to Non-Profit Digital Branding – Tools for Growth Training (Half Day)

Event type details (Conference or Virtual experience) are provided upon confirmation.

A practical training session introducing organizations to Foundations to Branding, WHAT BUSINESS MODEL, we tap into your Mission Statement and Elevator Pitch. We look at planning your brand strategy for success. The training looks at market research essentials to enable organisations to better achieve their mission and improve desired outcomes for their beneficiaries. Training covers the basics of advertising to help participants achieve social change with a clear approach.

On completion of training, each participant will have a basic understanding of Brading, How to Create a Powerful and Scroll stopping Tagline, and how all this can be used in your organisation. As a result of the training, each participant will have developed a Digital Brand Model, Tagline, and marketing framework to test within their organisation. 

Story Telling to Brand Recognition Journey (Half Day)

Event Type details (Conference or Virtual experience) provided upon confirmation.

This training is ideal for smaller non-profits, charities, or social enterprises who want to develop your powerful Value Story — with a specific focus on Social Media Branding.

This 2.5-hour journey will help you create your own brand story with courage, connect with your audience, stakeholders, potential funders or clients, and beneficiaries on a personal and emotional level, and give your business a new level of depth and connection. Your Story is unique and is your superpower, that only you can tell and your audience is waiting to hear it. 
Telling it in a specific way will help you move and inspire your audience into action.

Affiliate Marketing to Sustainability for Non-Profits (Half Day)

Event Type details (Conference or Virtual experience) provided upon confirmation.


This training is ideal for smaller non-profits, charities, or social enterprises who want to develop a purposeful fundraising strategy that can support the growth of their work with a mixed portfolio of income streams — with a specific focus on Affiliate Marketing.

The session covers Affiliate Marketing on a deep level as a means of raising projects or even c0re funding. It does provide insight, real food-for-thought, and a bird’s eye view of what else non-profits can do to raise that much-needed funds for their much-needed services. Participants will learn about Affiliate marketing as a form of fundraising for organization longevity and sustainability.

Business Intensive

A practical training session where we will go over how to conduct cost effective market research and attract your early adopters be them stakeholders or customers.

Participants will develop a detailed business plan for establishing a viable enterprise in the social and non-profit sector or to scale and reaching your goals if already established. We’ll go over your business goals together and walk through how to write a business plan that takes into consideration profit and loss projections. 

Publish Books that Sell

If you have a message that you desire to see published. You know you have a book or 10 in you and feel you are ready to write and publish books that sell, as a means of adding sustainability to your organisation — We partnered with K-Web and Offer the Draft-2-Sold Book Publishing Program at a discount. Learn more about it below and Contact Us Here with your subject headline “Draft-2-Sold for Charities” for the Charity discount