Our Community Investment & Social Impact Programs & Products

Not only does WODIN serve our local communities on a voluntary basis, We also provide specialist services for social enterprises, non-profits, and other voluntary, and charitable organisations of all sizes. Our work is focused on increasing reach and brand recognition for non-profits esp. women-lead organisations. Supporting them with digitization, branding, digital strategies, social media consultation, SEO, and effective digital communication that helps them reach a wider base of beneficiaries and stakeholders.

We understand your time constraints, you are a busy organisation leader with so much on your plate. Let’s lock arms, and work together to support you achieve your desired end goals with proven cost-effective digital techniques that also save you time and resources. WODIN provides a range of digital set-up and training workshops for the charity/non-profit sector, voluntary organisations, and social enterprises. Please check below for what we can do for you. If you prefer a mix-and-match type or bespoke workshop/service for your organisation, do reach out right here.