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WODIN Upya Project – Supporting Women in Business

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WODIN Project Upya – Supporting BME Women in Business Early Summer 2022 

Women and Digital Inclusion – WODIN is delighted to launch a unique program in Liverpool, aimed at Supporting Black Immigrant Women in Business. WODIN is working to deliver this program to address the shortfall of black women business owners in the Merseyside region. This project came as a result of one of our directors attending a Liverpool Commonwealth business expo in 2018, where one of the speakers stated that there was a shortage of over 3000 businesses in Liverpool.

With Black business owners not even showing up in any impactful way on the stats radar!

We believe that our Tafuta Project and Feasibility Participatory study has uncovered some reasons for the underrepresentation as well. 

In the meantime, WODIN is truly thankful to the Social Enterprise Support FundSESF and the National Lottery Fund for the support and funding of our Upya Project 2022. 

The overall aim of the project is to address the apparent deficit of Black Ethnic minority women in the enterprise sector. it is aimed at reaching some of the most marginalised communities and promoting inclusion in Liverpool. WODIN wants to not only support women in starting and building on their enterprises, but it also wants to help black immigrant communities in the recovery process.

The BME communities up and down the UK have been the hardest hit by COVID, and the answers to the recovery process need to also come from the same communities in order to serve their specific needs in rebuilding resilience. 


Eligibility Criteria:

While WODIN doesn’t neglect any woman in need, the Upya project is specifically targeted at black immigrant women. To be eligible for this program, you need to be able to answer yes to the following criteria:

  • Liverpool and wider Merseyside based 
  • Have an idea you wish to turn into a Business or Already have a side or full-time business but have no idea of the legalities and what to do to make it sustainable.
  • You want to become financially independent. 
  • Upya Project 2022 is looking to support 10 black migrant women over the age of 21 (with an emphasis on 21 – 70 years) who live or work in Liverpool or Merseyside. We are looking for women who want to create viable income-producing business or enterprise opportunities.

Over 12 sessions – 3-4 months, participants on the program will take part in weekly workshops and training sessions to gain an insight into;

  • Goal setting that works,
  • Which business model for your specific idea/product,
  • Business Planning that gets results,
  • Affiliate Marketing for Cashflow and sustainability,
  • Legalities – Registration, etc.
  • Money Matters,
  • Branding and Marketing – focus on Digital Branding…
  • Help with creating a branded logo, optimized social media presence, and much more


What else can you expect from this program?

The Upya Project aims to provide participants with the insight, skills, confidence, and practical knowledge to register and start up a new idea into an enterprise or build on an existing one. As well as:

  • A way to reduce BME communities’ unemployment and provide money management training.
  • A route to enable you back into a career/self-employment and ultimately skills and training, that can lead to jobs creation).
    Reduction of the disadvantages in underserved and marginalised people.
  • Improving mental health (e.g., for women who have been unemployed for a while for various reasons, or retired and would like to become self-employed, etc.)
  • Relieving isolation by coming together weekly in the sessional workshops and learning new skills.


What do we need help with?

Spreading the message! People can do this by –
Find out more on this page and share this link with partners, friends, and networks in Liverpool, Merseyside.

Amplifying the messages on @WodinLiverpool Twitter channel or sharing @WodinLiverpool social media posts about it through your own channels

Applications must be sent to by midnight on Monday 28th May 2022.

For further information, please contact WODIN at or on 07879 053346.

You can learn more about WODIN Projects 2021 right here


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