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A Grassroots Response to Covid – UPYA Supporting Women Into Business

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10 Black Women Turning their Ideas into Businesses that serve their community needs. 

Earlier this year, WODIN held a social impact study that exposed the deeper effects of COVID on the BME community. One of the findings was that many a mother, a woman, a sister has an idea, a dream that they have held for years that they wished would become a thriving business that solved a specific community challenge. During a Liverpool Commonwealth Conference in 2018, it was stated that the City of Liverpool was at least 3000+ lower in registered businesses than other cities in the UK. Above all, the Black Ethnic minorities (BME) were way under-represented in the enterprise sector. The biggest reasons for this WODIN have found are: 

    1. Lack of resources
    2. Fear of failure
    3. Not knowing what to do, where to start

We as part of the BAME Community know that we need a change. 

The findings WODIN uncovered in our TAFUTA Social Impact Study exposed the same statistics and also a gross systemic issue of racial enterprise inequality here in Liverpool which we believe is a sample of the UK.

There are also environmental factors that accelerate this problem. For example, in Black and minority ethnic groups, poverty is twice as high in comparison with caucasian communities. And we know that poverty has a major correlation with economic aspirations especially resources to start and sustain a business. After all, if you find yourself in lower socioeconomic status, turning any ideas you may have into a business may not be as practical. Purely because the money must be spent on subsistence, bills, rent, etc.

With all the above in mind, this month, WODIN launched our UPYA – Supporting Women into Business Project. Upya is a Swahili word for making a new, renew, or refresh. This program is doing exactly that.


Our participants are renewing their commitment to nurturing their ideas into an enterprise. They are refreshing their minds with knowledge to make that happen and in the process, they are renewing their love for the self and their communities. And they are creating something NEW — UPYA

Supporting Women into Business
Supporting Women into Business


Supporting Women into Business – why take part?

Allow me to take you on a wee journey.

I initially thought it was just me but I noticed that most people 35+ are nowhere near financially ready for retirement!  Guess what, 30 years fly by and it’s time for “retirement” — a swear word IMHO.  

 Scary thought, yes?! I know this feeling very well…that was me 2013.

In most cases, we may invest in something, lately, it’s crypto just because we think it CAN generate us money. The thing is, just because “it can” doesn’t mean it WILL for you.

If you don’t have passion for the product or service it most probably isn’t going to go the distance.

Let us put it this way:

If you found yourself in a room of 50 people with similar likes, and passions as yourself, be it: 

  • Sailing
  • Football
  • Vacationing
  • Bike riding
  • Antique cars
  • Farming
  • Fashion, Jewelry
  • Catering, Baking
  • Art & Crafts etc.

 Would you confidently share that passion because you know what you are talking about?
 Would you feel comfortable in that room and enjoy the experience?
 Would you gladly answer questions and share ideas?
 Would you be excited about learning from others in the room?
 Would you possibly make new friends?

If you just said damn right I WOULD, then you got this, so what is stopping you from doing exactly that?

I dare you to “Build a community and your retirement story”, Period

Go ahead and do it, find like-minded individuals, CONNET with them, build relational capital, and Collaborate on your ideas. Guess what will happen?  You will cross thresholds beyond your fondest dreams. 

Also, once you built that audience – they will follow you everywhere.

That’s what we are trying to support and empower our participants in the UPYA program.  You too could be doing this you know! The Upya workshops are virtual so you don’t have to take your pajamas off to hop into a session and guess what? 

Our crew of professional consultant facilitators will share with you how you too can Use YOUR

  • Idea or existing side gig/home business,
  • Passion,
  • Hobby,
  • What you know very well, or
  • What you love doing every day… to create an income so that you can enjoy
  • Time and money freedom working from home, or anywhere you choose.

And on this special occasion due to the generosity of the Social Enterprise Support Fund and The Big Issue Invest this whole life-changing 10 weeks program comes completely free to participants. Plus they get a resource pack to keep sharpening the saw after the project, which pack originally included a Tablet. 

Now, due to the negotiating persistence of our Projects Lead and the generosity of XMA, we are hoping to replace the Tablet with a proper GeoBook Laptop to support their new business ideas off the ground.


You might be wondering, what’s the catch?  And our answer is Nil Point. None at all. So we encourage you to not only grab it with both hands if you are a black woman based in Liverpool. 

But don’t just attend … Actually IMPLEMENT from these 10 sessions and challenge yourself to have a fine-tuned way to:

  1. Find you and your ideal customer
  2. Find your product and/or service
  3. Find what you are REALLY selling
  4. Find where to promote it and
  5. Find how to promote it and DO IT.
  6. From doing this more than once I know you have nothing to lose and lots to gain.

And, please do us one favor, will you? Let us know when you are doing it and also what it’s doing for you.


Supporting women into business — Final words

You are welcome to the WODIN UPYA Program, changing systems from the grassroots. 

If you are challenged and bullied by digital stuff, our Free Essential Digital Skills Program might be just what you need. It is pre-recorded so you can dive in at your pace. No child care costs are needed.  

And, if you would like to get involved in WODIN activities or future projects, please email or call 07879 053346. You can also learn more about WODIN Projects 2021 right here

If you are a Voluntary Organisation and wish to collaborate, partner with us, or learn how we can serve you please visit our services page to learn how you can.

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