Women & Digital Inclusion CIC - Bridging the Digital Gap

We work hard to improve digital capability and social inclusion for Black Immigrant Women

What We Do

Our mission is to ensure we live in a society where all are included in the digital revolution. We want BME women to be confident, equal, and able to access digital resources and other services for a better, more balanced life. 

— We Build Networks

We partner with other local grassroots organisations to create a deeper local impact and expand our network. And we do make a huge difference to the lives of our beneficiaries.

— We Collaborate

We are happy to work with and link with other agencies such as Health, Social Services, and Educational organizations, charities, and community groups like SAWN, UCAL, the Liverpool Commonwealth Association to provide tailored training and information seminars to Black immigrant women, and families.

— We offer or help with:  

  • Social inclusion and digital inclusion activities
  • Digital skills coaching
  • One-to-one support / Outreach
  • Media Training, counseling
  • Confidence building
  • Immigration advise and solicitor signposting
  • Welfare Checks

— We Educate & Strengthen
We hold Workshops, Masterminds, Conferences, and Events Online and where possible with SOPs in place offline to Empower, educate and uplift Black immigrant women in Liverpool and surrounding areas in the necessary digital skills and Income producing skills in the digital space to create a full time or part-time income. Thus make more empowered life choices. And Be productive members of their communities.

What We Care For!

Women and Digital Inclusion
Bringing Dreams within Reach for Black Immigrant Women in Liverpool

“Connections to Online Media Houses to Speak about issues that Concern Black Immigrant Women in Liverpool and to promote your brand. With Better presenting their offers and brand online, they are better placed to attract the right Audience, including employment and income-producing opportunities. Thus improving their Lifestyle and their local communities.”

Women and Digital Inclusion

Sharing Key Digital Trends and Skills to a New Future for Black Immigrant Women in Liverpool

“Collaborating with Community Groups to bring Digital Skills closer to the people, especially Black Immigrant Ethnic Minority Women interested in Enterprise and Business Start-up.”

Women and Digital Inclusion

Empowering our Community via Focused Digital Platforms Leverage Training Sessions

“Professional Personal Development for the Black Immigrant Woman in Digital Inclusion, Personal Branding, and Public relations on specific digital platforms. To show up better both to their potential Customers or Employers.”

Our Podcast

Women and Digital Inclusion
Partner With Us

You, Your company, or Your business could help us make a real difference in the local community. You might have the skills needed by a mom, a single parent. So please do Contact Us to end digital exclusion, which leads to all kinds of exclusions and discrimination both institutional and Personal for Black African Communities.   

Women and Digital Inclusion
Finding a New way — in a New Land to Build a Happy Life

Our organization is involved in numerous projects for empowering Black African Women and Youth in our Local Community in Liverpool. They include but not limited to Digital Skills Training, Personal Development, Leadership training, Financial Advice, Cultural Integration, and even Social and Personal Welfare.

Women and Digital Inclusion
Bringing Dreams within Reach

At WODIN, we promote digital inclusion skills for the black African/immigrant woman’s benefit. We do our best to help people stay connected and avoid being socially excluded as a result of financial hardship. With Better, Skills come better opportunities for income-producing activities including employment.