Women and Digital Inclusion - WODIN International Women's Month events

WODIN in International Women’s Month In Technicolor

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Here Is a Snippet of what the Wodin leadership and volunteers got up to during International Women’s Month, March 2023. 

When we are not in the trenches with our beneficiaries fighting the good fight to end digital poverty and engender digital, social, and economic equity, we do dress up a wee bit, to show up for our community so that we can build the capacity to serve better. We do scrub up well don’t you think? 


If you would like to get in contact with Women and Digital Inclusion – WODIN regarding digital skills or any of our programs, or for volunteering opportunities, you are part of a creative community or just want to connect send us an email at support@wodin.org.uk.


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Further information

For further information, images, events speaking, and interviews please contact Mrs. Sylvia Kalungi at Women and Digital Inclusion (WODIN) at 07879053346 and/or email: wodinliverpool@gmail.com


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